Allay Wellness Centre


Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Laser Therapy

Initial Chiropractic Assessment & Treatment (30-40 Minutes) $80.00
Follow Up Chiropractic Visit (15-20 Minutes) $55.00
Reassessment (If it has been 12 months since you have had treatment) $65.00
Initial Laser Therapy with Chiropractic (Includes Adjustment) $90.00
Follow Up Laser Therapy with Chiropractic (Includes Adjustment) $80.00
Initial Laser Treatment with Chiropractor (Just Laser, no Adjustment) $70.00
Follow up Laser Treatment with Chiropractor (No Adjustment) $55.00
Reassessment (If it has been 12 months since you have had treatment) $65.00

Chiropractic Initial Assessment with Acupuncture (45 Minutes)

Chiropractic Follow Up with Acupuncture (30 Minutes)



Laser Therapy with Andrea Rossler RMT - Initial and Follow up Sessions $60.00 

Massage Therapy & Massage with Guided Meditation

30 Minutes $60.00
45 Minutes $75.00
1 Hour $90.00
1¼ Hour $110.00
1½ Hour $130.00

All above prices include: deep tissue, relaxation, and prenatal

Massage Therapy with Sarah Slusar

30 Minutes $60.00
45 Minutes $80.00
60 Minutes $100.00
75 Minutes $120.00
90 Minutes $140.00

Add Cupping to any Massage with Sarah for an additional $10.00

Massage with Cupping (A massage tailored to your needs with a combination of cupping techniques)

30 Minute Massage with Cupping  $75.00
45 Minute Massage with Cupping $90.00
60 Minute Massage with Cupping  $105.00
75 Minute Massage with Cupping  $125.00
90 Minute Massage with Cupping  $145.00

Cupping (massage not included)

30 Minute Cupping  $60.00
45 Minute Cupping  $75.00

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage

30 Minute Pregnancy Massage $60.00
45 Minute Pregnancy Massage  $75.00
60 Minute Pregnancy Massage  $90.00

Smoking Cessation

Single Person $450.00
Couples Rate $800.00
Buddy Rate $430.00 (bring a friend who also wants to quit and receive $20.00 off)
Booster (after 3 initial sessions) $60.00

Corporate Rates - available upon request
Above rates cover all three days of treatment and include GST


We currently accept Debit, Visa, and Mastercard.

All prices include GST unless stated otherwise.

Missed Appointments

When you book an appointment with us, that time is set aside for you - and ONLY you. We never double book and we try to always be ready for you when you arrive. In return, we ask that you keep your promise to us and show up for your appointment on time.

Please understand that missed appointments prevent us from catering to other clients.

That said, our policy is simple. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment as booked.


In the event that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment with us, please contact us by phone at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not reach us, please leave a message on our voice-mail system. If we do not hear from you within this time frame, and you do not keep your appointment, the above policy will be applied.

Note: We recognize that no one is perfect and there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) and so your healthcare provider may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions.