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Booking Online

When booking online you must enter your name, phone number (306-123-4567) and primary email address.  This email address will be used for email appointment reminders.  If you have a Monday morning appointment, an email reminder will be sent out on Sunday.  If you have entered your work email address, please ensure you have access to retrieve this reminder as you are responsible for your booked appointment time.  Please check your spam as the emails do come from an automated source. If you are a new client please come 15 minutes early to your appointment to fill out patient forms. Thanks

Please look carefully at what times are open. If there is a random 15 minute time slot open, it cannot be booked.

We book in 15 minute increment's, a half an hour will show two openings, 3/4 of an hour will show 3 openings and an hour will show 4 openings. Please pay attention to the times.

If this is a WCB or SGI claim please see our SGI and WCB page!

We look forward to seeing you.

First Time Client Forms 

If you are a first time client for Massage Therapy you will receive an email with a link to forms. Please fill out the forms Massage health history, Massage Consent and Direct Billing forms if you with to do direct billing. If you are a first time client to our Chiropractor you will need to fill out a second set of forms. Please arrive early or print the forms below and fill them in before coming to the clinic. 

First Time Chiropractor or Acupuncture Forms

Chiro/Acupuncutre History & Consent

First Time Massage Therapy Visit

Patient History & Consent Form

Covid-19 Consent Form 

First Time Direct Billing Consent Forms - If you wish for us to direct bill for you please fill out both forms below.

Direct Billing Consent Forms

Second Direct Billing Form