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Smoking Cessation

Drug and Pain Free Laser Therapy for Quitting Smoking!

Laser Therapy has successfully helped many smokers to become nonsmokers. Your success at quitting will be largely dependent on how you answer the following two questions:
1. Am I ready to quit?
2. Is now the right time for me to quit?

If you answered no to either of these questions, the likelihood of you successfully quitting is low.

What to Expect?

Step 1 - Laser therapy. Our certified laser technicians will place the cold, non-invasive laser on your ears, nose and hands to balance the energy flow between acupuncture points and help to alleviate the nicotine addiction and cravings.

Step 2 - Behavioural modification. Our certified laser technicians will guide you through the process of breaking the daily habits that cause you to reach for nicotine.

Step 3 - Detoxification. The laser will shorten the detoxification process from a normal 30 day period to just 3-4 days. This will make the quitting process much more manageable than any other method available today.

What is LLLT?

LLLT is the application of a “cold” painless laser light to stimulate energy points on the ears, nose and hands, much like acupuncture. Laser therapy is painless, drug-free and non-invasive.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

We offer a three treatment program. This will work for the majority of our "lifer" smokers and chewers, however, we have booster treatments at $50.00 each should you need them.

How Long Does LLLT Take?

The first treatment takes approximately 1 hour, this includes initial paperwork and laser therapy. All subsequent laser therapy treatments will take approximately 30 minutes each.

Is The Treatment Guaranteed?

Nicotine addiction is unique for each client.  Behavioral modification to change your habit is in your hands. However, we will do everything in our power to assure you receive proper, professional laser treatment and support.

What Can You Do To Help?

We suggest you clear your surroundings of tabacco related items. Getting rid of visual reminders will aid in your success through those first few critical days!

Also we recommend you bring a family member or friend along with you for support.

Who Should NOT Undergo Laser Treatment?

Laser therapy is not recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed with or treated for cancer in the last year. Pregnant or nursing mothers. Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental permission.

Note: it is very important you inform your laser technician of all medical history.

The Inspiration behind Our Smoking Cessation 

Bruce Robinson is an entrepeneur and has owned many successful businesses over the years. With his recent retirement he has been very busy working on his documentary "1000 excuses". For 20 plus years Bruce has been offering people money to quit smoking. His passion for helping people to "kick the habit"  all started after his father past away at the young age of 57, from his second heart attack. With many attempts to offer people money to quit Bruce has realized its almost impossible to get smokers to quit that way. After recently losing 4 close friends over the course of 6 months from smoking related diseases Bruce has done his research and has learned that smoking cessation could be the answer. With his retirement plans coming to an end, Bruce is excited for his new adventure. He plans to help many people quit smoking and hopes to make a few friends along the way. His new focus isn't giving away money, but offering the support that people need along with his partner and good friend Andrea. To see and hear more from Bruce check out the links below.

Your Laser Technician

Andrea Keck will be your certified laser technician. It is her job to guide you through your new beginning of being a happy non-smoker. Andrea is also an entrepreneur and is the owner of Allay Wellness Centre. She has 8 years of hands on experience with her clientele and adjusts quickly to each individuals needs. She is friendly and very passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle. Andrea met Bruce when he came to her for a massage. Very quickly she learned of Bruce's passion to get people to stop smoking. It wasn't long before their professional relationship grew into a business partnership. She believes that with laser therapy and the support of herself and Bruce, you will be a non-smoker! She encourages you to call her with any questions or concerns!

Policy for Corporations

We do not ask the corporation to pay for the employee to quit smoking until they quit for at least a month. The smoker will be responsible to make the payment at the time of their appointment. After the employee has quit for a month than the corporations Heath and Benefits plan will pay the employee back. We feel strongly that the smoker has to truly want to quit. This policy helps us determine the smokers that are not quite ready to quit.

Most smokers will save the cost of treatment in less than a month if they quit.


I smoke          pack(s) per week x          (price per pack) x 52 weeks = $         (what I spend each year in cigarettes)

Watch the video below to see how Allay Wellness Centre was inspired to help people quite smoking!